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The Story Of The Cubic Zirconia Crystals And Its Use In Fashion And Costume Jewellery

The Story Of The Cubic Zirconia Crystals And Its Use In Fashion And Costume Jewellery

The word cubic zircon originates from the far East, from the Persian word Largun and the Arabic word Larcun.

They Myth

In Indian mythology zircon crystal is one of the nine gems found on the Kapla Tree which is also known as The Tree Of Desire. The Kapla Tree is symbolic of good fortune.

The Zodiac

In the zodiac chart the zircon crystal appears twice. Yellow the zodiac sign of Sagittarius is represented by hyacinth zircon in the month of December and Blue, the zodiac sign of Leo is represented by blue zircon in the month of August.

How is a cubic zirconia crystal made.

Zirconia is a white crystalline oxide of Zirconium. The crystal Cubic Zirconia is formed by heating zironia together with a stabilizing metal oxide.

What colours do Cubic Zirconia  or CZ  crystal come in?

Cubic Zirconia CZ crystal is a synthetic gemstone which has the brightness and , colour and clarity of a diamond but is a lower price. So where ever a diamond could be used Cubic Zirconia or CZ  crystal can be a replacement. Cubic Zirconia crystal is described as a synthetic gemstone which is used in fashion jewellery and costume jewellery as a replacement diamond. A CZ crystal is much heavier than a diamond and a diamond has more flaws. Cubic Zirconia crystals can be made virtually flawless and the crystals are shaped differently and they are entirely colourless.

What do you choose Diamond or Cubic Zirconia Crystal?

Well it all depends on what you can afford and most people can afford to wear real diamonds all the time. So one of the most common reasons for substituting cubic zirconia crystals in jewellery is the cost. Also to the untrained eye it is difficult to tell whether your jewellery has real diamonds or cubic zirconia crystals. So without using a microscope or magnifying glass to inspect the jewellery it is very difficult to tell the difference as to whether your jewellery is made of real diamonds or CZ cubic zirconia crystals.

So who said ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’ ? Clear not any more!!