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Vogue Magazine - Sparkling Crystal Bangles And Neon Bangles April 2012

Vogue Magazine has gone all 'High Plains Drifter' layering cultural richness of artisan led chic raffia, fringing, weave, and embroideries for the nomadic fashion spirit of now. The photographer was Mario Testino and our sparkling crystal bangles and neon bangles were used throught the photo shoot. So if you want to be in Vogue this month pop on a few sparkling crystal bangles. We stock one of the largest range of crystal bangles on the internet. All our crystals in the crystal bangles are set in wax and it litterally take a sledge hammer to get the crystals out of the bangles. The bangles all have a silver finish and come in different widths. Some of our best sellng crystal bangles are the thin crystal bangle sets. These crystal bangles are so versatile you can wear the bangles singularly or together or put a wider crystal bangle inbetween. You can also mix and match the thin crystal bangle sets wearing on colour from another set.