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Costume Earrings

Wow them with Big Statement Costume Earrings. If there is one piece of costume jewellery you buy this week make sure its a gorgeous pair of costume earrings.  You can update all your fashion outfits in a jiffy with some of the latest new stand out styles which are now available to buy online also seen on celebrities such as Amanda Seyfreid, Nicole Kidman and Emily Blunt

Wear a pair of opulent drop style costume earrings with cascading crystals or large crystal teardrop shapes surrounded by smaller crystals. Many of these fashion earrings are in the style of the designer brand Prada we last year brought out some amazing crystal earrings with small rose shapes with large crystal teardrop shapes in amazing colours and within days the earrings were appearing on the high street with a more affordable price tag.

If you are not into large drop earrings and want a neater pierced or clip on earring try wearing a stud style fashion earrings.  We are still talking big though but these earrings will sit neatly on your ear lobe and be real ear candy. Choose a pair of earring in bright bold colours picking out a colour from you out fit or shoes.

Hoop la earrings not to be sneered at anymore as cheap and brassy or a bit ‘chav’, this style of costume earrings is getting a revamp being encrusted with coloured gems or small tassels. Some hoop earrings come in brightly coloured enamel in twisted shapes not to be sniffed at.

So make a statement this season with your fashion earrings as these will be one of the first things that people notice on you, be brave and try a different style dare to be different.