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Teen Idol Wears Diamond Whistle Pendant

Bling it on Justin Bieber – Sparking Gold Style Crystal Whistle Pendant.

Teen Idol Wears Diamond Whistle Pendant

Just Bieber Wears A Diamond Whistle Necklace Worth $34,000

Justin Bieber who recently turned 18 and who is now one of the world’s most recognizable teenagers is turning into quite a little fashion icon lately. He was recently spotted out and about with a diamond encrusted Koi fish necklace worth $24,000 and more recently a diamond encrusted whistle pendant worth over $34,000 now if your a Justin Bieber fan and that’s a little over your budget you can get a similar style sparkling crystal whistle pendant at a more affordable price from What’s About Town for only £19.50 . Lets hope Justin isn’t has daft as Joey Essex who gets out of his car to pose with muggers and gets his £10,000 Gold Rolex stolen much safer to wear an ICE Watch Joey as they are much cheaper. Although we would say what a nice guy Joey Essex is getting out to pose with for a picture with his fans let’s hope he is ok now.

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